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Different ways to mount your Beslagsboden product

There are different ways to assemble your Beslagsboden product. We have made it easy for you. Here you will find help for mounting your Beslagsboden product. Did you know that brick, which is almost as hard as concrete, can crack if you drill too close to the edge? Are you wondering how to make adhesive products sit firmly? Do you know the tips and tricks when drilling in concrete, plaster, or chipboard? Mounting is not that difficult – if you know how to do it. Feel free to take part in our mounting tips for the best results!

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Mount with screw

It is not always easy to know how to best drill and screw a product in the bathroom. We have simplified the process for you with assembly tips for different materials – for the best results!

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Mount self-adhesive products

Have you bought any of our self-adhesive products? With our 3M tape, you can easily position and mount your new product. In order for the product to sit firmly, it is important that it is mounted correctly. Here you will find clear instructions for mounting self-adhesive products.