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Support & Contact

Here you can get answers to your questions about our products and assembly, as well as order catalogs. If you do not find the answer you are looking for, you can always contact your dealer.

Do you have questions about your purchased product? In the first instance, contact the place of purchase

You buy our products through our large network of retailers. If you have questions about the purchased product, please contact the place of purchase in the first instance.

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Care instructions

Are you just like us interested in the longevity of your bathroom details being as long as possible? In our care instructions, we recommend, among other things, how to best clean bathroom details depending on the surface layer.

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Mounting is not that difficult – if you know how to do it. Feel free to take part in our tips for best results!

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Brochures and Catalogs

Are you interested in browsing one of our catalogs or brochures? Here you can directly browse online.

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If, against all odds, you should discover a defect in your product that you have purchased, you can make a complaint. Read more about reclaims here.