A graphic exclamation point for your door

Beslagsboden has launched new products in the range of door stops. The door stops category is expanded with four models for floor, wall, and handle. The new door stops are available in the colors Clementine, Lime, Dusk, Gray, and Black. The purpose of the products developed is clear - to keep the door in place, and avoid marks on the wall and door.

“Our starting point in the design process was that the products would contribute more than their obvious function. Design and playfulness are obvious keywords in Beslagsboden’s design process. Therefore, it was important to us that the products were not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing and somewhat unconventional.” Says Ola Giertz, product designer at Beslagsboden.


The design of the door stops is stripped and geometric, while the color is eye-catching and different. A product that stands out a little extra with its well-thought-out functional design is the door wedge. The wedge is designed to be used in both a horizontal and vertical position to fit different types of door heights.

“With a distinct simplicity in solid rubber, the doorstop creates a graphic exclamation mark near your door. A piece of jewelry for your floor or door where a small detail can give your room character.” Says Ola Giertz.

The products are molded in solid rubber that is gentle on both floors, walls, and doors. The rubber material creates a durable product with an anti-slip surface. It is a functional and aesthetic product for any door.

  • Exciting new product in the bathroom range

    November is here, and so is the fourth and final launch of the year for Beslagsboden. We welcome brand new products in the range. Among other things, Beslagsboden's first shower squeegee in unique material and design. Likewise, several exciting products are being launched in the range!
  • Outdoor handles in a modern take

    The design of the outdoor handles is already included in the range, but now an addition has been made to the immensely popular matte black finish. Handles B177BN and B154B are launched for Beslagsboden's range.
  • Decorative fittings, handles and knobs that lasts!

    Beslagsboden has updated the knob and drawer handle range with 5 knobs and 13 drawer handles. The knobs and drawer handles are designed to match each other, but still to complement the look of Beslagsboden's existing range of indoor handles. Matching knobs, drawer handles and indoor handles create a stylish completeness for the room and a well-thought-out and stylish impression.
  • Beslagsboden launches self-adhesive bathroom series

    Drilling holes in a bathroom wall is something many people are afraid of. At the same time, we want to be able to freshen up our bathrooms without having to renovate for that matter. In recent years, therefore, the demand for self-adhesive products in the bathroom has increased. Beslagsboden expands the self-adhesive range with 12 items in a new design.