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Everything from door knockers, bells and door stops.

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At Beslagsboden, you will find the interior details that make the whole. Choose and wreck among bells, door knockers, door stops and hasps that lift your home, and that last year after year.

Take the opportunity to decorate your front door with a beautiful door, find a functional bell at the entrance.

Decorative door fittings for your personal style

Discover a large selection of door fittings and accessories in natural materials. At Beslagsboden we want to beautify everyday life with stylish and decorative fittings for the whole home. With stylish fittings, you renew and transform your home, quickly and easily so that you can create your personal style in your home.

What type of door fittings do you need?

We offer one of Scandinavia’s widest range of door fittings – specially developed for the Do-it-yourselfer. Match our various items with the surface treatment on the door handle, and let your imagination flow to make the entrance welcoming to guests and family. Here you will find:

  • Door knockers
  • Door bells
  • Door stops
  • Door hasps