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Sustainability & Quality

At Beslagsboden, we develop products of high quality and solid design. During our product development process, we constantly strive to keep both quality and the environment in focus and thus promote sustainable and responsible development. Together with our suppliers and partners, we start from three principles; Environment, Quality & Design and People. We work in a changing world but the goal is always the same – to work for a better world with consideration for people and the environment.


Our decisions must be based on environmental values for a sustainable future. We follow set laws and regulations as a minimum level and work to offer service beyond that as standards and laws requires.


In order to achieve the most efficient transportation with the least least environmental impact, we employ established carriers with well-developed initiatives and requirements to reduce environmental impact.


We are constantly working to reduce the amount of waste in the company. All metal waste is sorted and recycled into new metal products. Beslagsboden is affiliated with FTI (formerly REPA) and Grønt Punkt Norge to ensure efficient recycling of packaging materials of cardboard, cardboard and plastic.

Raw materials & chemicals

Together with our partners, we work to increase the efficiency of the use of raw materials. We investigate any content of classified substances in accordance with the REACH Regulation and establish and provide information, such as safety data sheets, if needed.

Product Documentation

During our development process, the product’s need for certifications, labelling and adaptation is evaluated according to established standards such as for example CE standards. We also work with documentation such as technical descriptions and assembly instructions and some of our products and series are listed reviewed and evaluated in local databases for sustainability.

Quality & Design

Long service life is one of our most important building blocks when designing and developing products. With high quality and solid design we want our products to be used for a long time by our customers and thus not contribute to the growing waste masses. The fact that we have 10, or 5, years warranty on all our products is a natural part of this.


We believe that the only way to achieve our goals is through collaboration and dialogue with our partners. We therefore have high demands and expectations on our business partners to follow, among other things, these six points:

  • Compliance with national and international legislation.
  • Secure a safe and healthy workplace for the employees.
  • The social criteria in ethical trade such as the employees’ human rights, work environment and anti-corruption are to be respected according to conventions prepared by the UN and ILO (International Labour Organization).
  • To follow the UN Children’s Convention on Child Labour.
  • That employees receive at least minimum wages and that working hours comply with current legislation.
  • Accompanying environmental measures agreed with Beslagsboden.